Covid-19 XBB wave to rise at 15,000 average daily cases by mid-Nov, Says Singapore Minister

By mid-November, the Covid-19 XBB wave will reach its apex with 15,000 average daily cases, according to a Singaporean minister.

According to Health Minister Ong Ye Kung, the average daily cases of the ongoing Covid-19 infection wave will probably peak at 15,000 by mid-November before declining. The healthcare system is equipped to handle this situation (October 15).


In fact, due to a backlog of cases as people avoid visiting doctors over the weekend, the number of cases to be reported on a single day in the upcoming weeks may even reach between 20,000 and 25,000.

However, it is anticipated that the number of serious infections will stay low.

XBB is currently the primary subvariant circulating in the community, accounting for 54% of local cases during the week of October 3 through October 9, up from 22% the previous week, according to Ong, who provided an update on the local Covid-19 situation during a press conference.

As per Ministry of Health (MoH)

The Ministry of Health (MoH) noted in a separate statement that the subvariant BA.5, which had previously been dominant, is now projected to account for 21% of local cases, while the subvariant BA.2.75 is estimated to account for 24% of cases.

According to MoH, the XBB subvariant may possibly be responsible for the rise in reinfections.

According to the ministry, the percentage of reinfections among all Covid-19 cases in Singapore has been rising over the past month, and they now account for roughly 17% of all new cases.

The capacity of Singapore’s healthcare system is still secure, according to the MoH.

According to the statement, the growth of hospitalised cases has continued to be proportional to the rise in local cases overall.

562 instances were hospitalised as of yesterday, according to the MoH, 44 of which required oxygen supplementation, and nine of which were in the intensive care unit (ICU). There were 365 hospital admissions, 37 patients who required oxygen support, and 13 patients in the intensive care unit one week ago.

MoH said “This is true even though over the same time period, the seven-day moving average of local cases increased from 4,714 to 7,716 instances.

The MoH reported that public hospitals have swiftly implemented a number of steps to run an additional 200 beds to provide care for hospitalised Covid-19 patients in response to the recent spike in Covid-19 cases.

These include postponing non-urgent admissions, releasing stable patients, and moving recuperating patients to community hospitals and transitional care institutions.

According to the ministry, around 800 beds would be available at public hospitals for Covid-19 patients during the next two weeks.

By early November, the ministry would gradually increase the number of beds available at Covid-19 treatment facilities (CTF) to over 800.

“Given that we were able to quickly ramp up to the same capacity and beyond, our projections on healthcare utilisation show that we have adequate ICU, hospital and CTF beds to cope with the upcoming wave,” said MoH. ― TODAY

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