Samsung Dropship – Send Files from Android to iOS

Samsung has launched its File Sharing app called DropShip through Good lock in the tech world. DropShip can transfer files from Android to iPhone and vice versa in real time hassle free.

If you’re not familiar with Good Lock, it’s a Galaxy Store application that gives users access to a range of customization choices, including theming, UI altering, and more. Returning to Dropship, the new module will use a data-driven methodology to enable more frictionless file sharing across Android, iOS, and the web.

Samsung DropShip
Samsung DropShip : Send Files From Android to iPhone

Like Nearby Share and AirDrop, Dropship lets users to create links or QR codes for file sharing with setting choices like a validity period as opposed to Bluetooth and local Wi-Fi. So, regardless of the operating system that your family or friends’ devices are running, you would still be able to share the files in this manner.

Samsung DropShip Features

Dropship is currently only available to South Korean users, but it can be found by searching for it in the Galaxy store. After installing, Samsung informs users that they will be greeted with a permissions screen, which will specify which apps can be used for transfer. Dropship works with OneDrive, Google Drive, Samsung Gallery, Google Photos, and other cloud storage services.

If you want to share a file, Dropship will generate a unique link or a QR code for you to send. The person with whom you are sharing the QR code can scan it, and the file will begin to download.

If you prefer that method, Samsung allows you to customise the unique link while also providing the option of an expiration period. This determines how long the files you want to share will be available for download before requiring a new link or code.

However, it has significant limitations that may prevent you from using the app at all. One of them is that you need to update your Samsung mobile to OneUI 5, and the other is that the app is currently only accessible in South Korea. In addition to this, the 5GB file sharing restriction prevents you from sharing any additional files if you exceed it. Receivers do not need a Samsung account to receive files, but sending files does.

Samsung Latest Updates

In a recent update, Samsung included Camera Assistant to its Good Lock app. With the help of Auto HDR, Auto Softening, and other capabilities, users were now able to adjust their cameras to capture fast-moving photographic situations while also enhancing their images.

Source: Samsung Community (Korean)